One of the advantages setting us apart is the complete transparency with our stockholders (clients). The portfolio presents an easy to use overview that covers key details in a clear and descriptive manner. This would include volatility in the market, fluctuations in price and transactions. It all appears in a dashboard, offering a custom account to present everything each client needs to know.

At the end of the day, we focus on presenting openness on a whole new level. This is not only to gain the trust of our clients, but to keep it. We share everything and never leave you in the dark. It includes our views, information and even strategies moving forward. Our clients know what to expect and how our expertise benefits both parties.

Clients have full control in terms of sticking with investments or withdrawing completely. We don’t lock you in or make it difficult, but rather remain respectful, even when you decide to part ways. In the event of parting ways, we provide your entire custom portfolio, making it easy to keep and see our advantages above the rest.

Cutting strings would obviously mean future algorithms and opportunities won’t form part of the account.