Bitcoin blockchain size in megabytes from 2010 to 2019

According to resources, Bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency of them all, especially in terms of growth. Since the beginning of the currency, it’s grown to about 226.6 GB by the end of June in 2019. The distributed database of BTC endlessly grows and features a tamper-evident of transactions. This includes everything from the first transactions that took place back in January 2009.


It’s quite amazing to see how increasingly popular the Bitcoin currency remains. It continues to thrive as the biggest, not only in market capitalizations, but price index as well. BTC and other major cryptos such as Ether and Ripple constantly compete against new currencies. These areusually well funded and reached US$4.1 billion in ICO (Initial Coin Offering)in June 2018.


The blockchain technology remains most popular with currency for most. When you consider just how many applications are possible, you begin to see the advantage of blockchain. It has the ability to record transactions with incredibly high levels of security. Moreover, it verifies all the transactions in a simplistic manner. Blockchain specialists predict a vast number of possible uses in other forms. This includes personal identification online through to supply chains using it for simplified management. The impressive aspect of the technology is that executives throughout industries rush for blockchain investments. This alone already reveals the versatility of blockchain and what to expect in terms of growth

Blockchain Potential Finally Recognized by Investors

It took almost a decade, but it seems like investors are waking up to the idea of blockchain technology. As featured in the graph, companies using blockchain technology began to strive in 2018. There is already a major difference when you compare investments in blockchain during 2017 and 2018. This reveals amazing potential for the technology. In 2017, it experienced investments of US$1 billion. In 2018, it quadrupled to an astonishing US$4 billion. In 2019, we can expect even better results and new companies apply the technology.