Advantages of Investing with Blokkx

As an international investment boutique, Blokkx Ltd specializes in the management of cryptocurrency portfolios. We invest in blockchain development technology and we have an excellent track record in key features for the best results. This includes Financial Economics and Computer Science. Furthermore, we have the confidence to approach in an efficient manner, thanks to five years of market experience. This includes both cryptocurrency and investing, giving us an advantage above the rest. Not only with approaching with confidence but reaching for innovative investments as well.

Standing out as a unique and innovative invest management team, we strive to reveal the advantages of blockchain inventions. Thus, we help the blockchain society grow, allowing beneficial gains at the same time. One of the key elements is our ability to manage multiple currencies. Therefore, limitations simply don’t apply, and we help you see the true value. We encourage the new world of investments with focus on interoperability. We combine a personal and holistic approach with methods. This ensures the highest level of advanced decision-making at the same time.

Blokkx Ltd.

How we Invest

Any investments require detailed research for the best results. Our team strives to make decisions based on the technology, entrepreneurship and economics. Understanding the market and discovering new trends is what we aim for. At the same time … Read more 


One of the advantages setting us apart is the complete transparency with our stockholders (clients). The portfolio presents an easy to use overview that covers key details in a clear and descriptive manner. This would include volatility in the market, … Read more

Specializing in Blockchain

To make the most of blockchain, you need a team of experts who understand the market. These new currencies can become rather complicated and daunting to new investors. Therefore, choosing Blokkx quickly becomes attractive, especially since we focus on this topic, … Read more

Featured Investment

Spreatx Coin

Spreatx Coin will be launched in the 2nd quarter of 2020. The Spreatx platform behind the token trades exclusively blue chip crypto assets in arbitrage mode on the strongest liquidity stock exchanges. The platform is innovative and equipped with special security features, which were co-developed by employees of leading universities. In addition to algorithms based on artificial intelligence, which measure and balance a constant value correlation, new trading security systems are also used. The Spreatx platform thus protects itself against possible manipulation by, for example, front-running spy programs. The value of the Spreatx coins is therefore a kind of index token for the Crypto heavyweights on the leading stock exchanges. Through the trading algorithm on arbitrage gains, the intrinsic value grows constantly.